Specialist Tutoring Sessions

I offer tutoring sessions designed to teach strategies and techniques to build and improve your child’s literacy skills while boosting your child’s confidence.

The sessions are fun and hands-on.  Each session is individually tailored specifically to meet your child’s needs.

“Every child can learn and succeed, but not on the same day, in the same way”. William G Spady


Information Sessions

I will teach you how to work with your child productively, in a relaxed, fun way drawing on your child’s strengths while addressing their weaknesses.

Attend as many tutoring sessions as you need. My aim is to have you working confidently with your child at home on a daily basis.

The first consultation is free of charge to ensure my services meet your needs. I am happy to meet with you or both you and your child to discuss your concerns. I believe it is important for a child to feel completely safe and comfortable with their tutor. A relaxed student is a student open to learning.


I will provide you with handouts as required. I can recommend Programs, Apps, assistive technologies and other interventions to guide you and assist you on this learning journey.